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Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

Release date:
Android July 1st 2015



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iOS: USD$2.99


Socioball is a stylish new isometric puzzle game for iOS. This tile based game features balls which roll forward at the press of a button and goal tiles which lie there waiting for them. In every puzzle, you have to get a ball to each goal tile by placing missing action tiles along the ball’s path. While the premise is simple, the puzzles can get deceptively tricky. Socioball also features an easy-to-use level editor that lets you create your own puzzles and easily share them, via Twitter! The game uses steganography to provide puzzle previews in twitter timelines. When you share a puzzle, Socioball takes a snapshot of it. The game then hides the puzzle data in the image and tweets it with #socioball. Socioball searches for puzzles on Twitter using the hashtag, decodes the image data and makes all the puzzles available on twitter seamlessly playable from inside the game, effectively using Twitter as a level-sharing platform.


At NASSCOM GDC 2013, A PC prototype of Socioball was exhibiting at the Student game showcase. Shailesh saw the game and instantly liked it's simplicity. A collaboration was soon born to bring Socioball to iOS devices with new mechanics, improved usability, levels, UI, seamless twitter integration and steganography to provide level previews (with the data to create the levels hidden inside the preview images) in twitter timelines.


  • PLAY over 60+ mind bending puzzles where you must get the ball from start to finish by placing missing tiles in correct places.
  • CREATE your own puzzles with our built-in level editor and test them out.
  • TWEET your puzzles to the world, from inside the game! Everyone who owns the game can now see and play them. You can also tag your friends!


Trailer YouTube, Vimeo


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (1MB)

download logo files as .zip (500KB)

Awards & Recognition

  • "Nominated for Indie Prize" Casual Connect, Amsterdam, February 2015

Selected Articles

  • "The cerebral element to Socioball is superb, and the puzzles are a joy to watch as they unfold."
    - Spanner Spencer, Gamezebo
  • "Socioball is a new puzzle game that will make you think, get creative, and share your own creations with others."
    - Christine Chan, Appadvice
  • "This is a well made collection of puzzles, and one that deserves your money."
    - Jennifer Allen, 148Apps
  • "Everything about Socioball is highly polished."
    - Trevor Sheridan, ApplenApps
  • "Good mobile puzzle games are typically minimalist with lovely sound effects, and Socioball from India’s Yellow Monkey Studios is no exception."
    - Mary-Anne Lee, Games in Asia

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Socioball Credits

Apoorva Joshi
Programmer, Game Design

Shailesh Prabhu
Game Design, Business

Ajay Menon
Music and Sound

Maya Pillai
Art Direction

Adhiraj Singh
Video Editing

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